Specializing in

Scientific & Medical Lab Equipment

Apperson Refrigeration Service was founded in 1953 by Gordon Apperson.  Rick Apperson purchased the business from his father in 1977.  Rick has over 35 years experience in scientific lab equipment service. 

We specialize in servicing & repair of scientific and medical lab equipment such as, Ultra Low-Temp Freezers, LN2 Freezers,  Cryostats, Blood Bank Equipment, Lab Refrigerators & Lab Freezers. 

We sale refurbished freezers, custom freezers, custom refrigerators & most other lab equipment.  We also sale alarm systems & auto-dialers. 

We perform Routine Preventive Maintenance & calibration service. We maintain N.I.S.T. certified thermometers, tachometers, & CO2 test equipment. 

We are factory trained and have experience with Thermo-Fisher, Forma, Revco, Nuaire, Barnstead, Harris, Queue, Baxter, Jouan, Kelvinator Scientific, So-low, and Lindberg Blue-M. 

Rick Apperson is licensed in refrigeration and is an active member of Refrigeration Service Engineers Society (RSES) & has been for over 30 years.