Specializing in

Scientific & Medical Lab Equipment


We specialize in servicing & repair of scientific and medical lab equipment such as, Ultra Low-Temp Freezers, LN2 Freezers, Lab Incubators, Freeze Dryers, Cryostats, Blood Bank Equipment, Lab Refrigerators & Freezers. 

We sale refurbished freezers, custom freezers, custom refrigerators & other lab equipment.  We also sale alarm systems & auto-dialers. 

We perform Routine Preventive Maintenance & calibration service. We maintain N.I.S.T. certified thermometers, tachometers, & CO2 test equipment. 

We are factory trained and have experience with Thermo-Fisher, Forma, Revco, Nuaire, Barnstead, Harris, Queue, Baxter, Jouan, Kelvinator Scientific, So-low, and Lindberg Blue-M.